We always need lots of volunteers and we welcome newcomers to our band of invaluable helpers. Our clubs and groups depend on volunteers to run them and we really appreciate all their commitment and energy.

Have a look at all the different ways that you could help and get in touch if you want to know more. You can phone the Society on 01382 227101 and ask for our Volunteer Co-ordinator.

Club helpers and leaders

If you look at our clubs and groups section, you’ll see that we run a variety of different activities – and we’re always open to suggestion for new things. All of these need volunteers – to bring some of our clients to the Society, to make tea, to organise and run the activity, to chat and generally keep things going – in other words, to join in.


We have quite a number of elderly clients who are rather isolated because of their sight problems or mobility, or maybe a lack of confidence. Befrienders are always needed to visit clients, have a chat and generally help bring a change in what can be a long, lonely day. Some clients like going out for a while, some just want to have a chat and a cup of tea in their home. The client and the befriender work this out together, as well as the length and frequency of visits. It is really like having a new friend to get to know.

Board Members

Dundee Blind and Partially Sighted Society has a Board that oversees the running of the Society and its funds. Board membership is also an area where volunteer involvement is required. If you have the required skills to be part of a Board and its administration and feel you have something to offer please contact us for further information.


Clients often ask for help with their mail and really appreciate if a volunteer can visit on a regular basis to help them keep up to date. This is an area that could easily be expanded if we had volunteers to carry out the work.


The Society has three vehicles, two cars and a minibus, and we have some volunteer drivers to help us bring clients into our clubs and groups and to take them on outings. Of course, we also need escorts to help on these occasions.

Odd Jobs

There are always maintenance needs around a building like ours and we do not have a caretaker. So if anyone wants to help in this sort of area, we are always grateful. We have a good collection of plants that need regular watering and care.

Audio Library

Thanks to the generous donations of our clients over the years, we have a large collection of audio books, mainly cassette tapes, but a growing number of CDs. These have been organised by a volunteer into a free library with unlimited borrowing time. This works really well and allows us to give our clients yet another helpful service. Volunteers need to keep it organised and replace the returned copies.

Resource Room

We require volunteers to be available in our resource room to give initial help and advice to clients about equipment, leaflets, etc. There are often clerical tasks to be done and we appreciate any help we can get, particularly when our quarterly newsletter is being prepared for posting.


We are in the process of setting up a Fundraising Committee and any volunteers for this would be greatly appreciated. We want new and old ideas to raise money for our charity and to raise our profile in the city as well.

All contribution and suggestions welcomed.

IT Help

If you are an expert, or even quite good, then you may well be better than some of us! We need to record CDs, make posters, keep up to date, etc. Come and help.

Contact us to find out how to get involved

Volunteer Application Pack