Our Website

Our website has been designed with all our users in mind. We have tried to make it accessible for those using speech software and those using their browser to enlarge text.

The website has been divided into several sections with information pages relating to that section. We have a drop-down menu at the top of each page with the different pages listed for each section. This may not be accessible to everyone so we have included a list of other pages within that section at the bottom of each page.

To further help you access this information we have included a link to our text only site map page at the top of each page. You can use this to find your way around the pages and the different sections of our website.

We also have included on each page a skiplink to the main content.

All website browsers such as Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox will allow you to make changes to how you view webpages. You will be able to choose your preferred font size, background colour, text colour as well as zoom in and out of the page using the zoom function.

Please contact us with any comments you have on the website.

Website was developed by Dundee Blind & Partially Sighted Society with Activ Digital Marketing Ltd.

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