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The ability to communicate in many different ways is a vital element in maintaining the independence of a person whose sight is diminishing.  The more that a person can continue to look after their own interests, the more they will continue to feel in charge of their own life.  We have several services that can help with this.


Transcriptions can only be agreed if letters, leaflets and other documents are presented to us in disc form and saved as text only.  Text should also be free of all tabbing, bullet points, text boxes and borders.  There are limitations on size and bulk of documents as we are only able to deal with small volumes of transcriptional work at any given time.

Transcription Charges:

A4 Page of Print

1 - 10 pages

10 - 20 pages

Over 20 Pages

Set up Charge





Master Copy
per page





Further Copies
per page




For further information or to discuss a transcription please contact the Society



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